Choral Workshops

As well as offering teaching and coaching sessions to individual groups, SingIsrael also offers various workshops. These include:

"Fast Start" Workshop

As we all know, it can often take several weeks for your choir to get "up to speed" after the summer holidays. With a SingIsrael "Fast Start" Workshop, you can quickly get back to your pre-holiday performance level in just one weekend. Your "Fast Start" Workshop will refocus your choir on all the skills it needs to get back into gear, and help it move forward in the new year.

The "Fast Start" Workshop is available to only 12 choirs annually, so book early to avoid disappointment. Your workshop can be held in your rehearsal venue, or in any of a number of resort locations around the country. For details and booking information, contact us.

One-Day and Weekend Workshops

One of the greatest experiences for an amateur choir or singing group is to go away for a SingIsrael One-Day or Weekend Choir Workshop. Getting away from the routine of day-to-day life gives the choir an opportunity to immerse itself in the joys of its music. And, while many choirs choose a standard Coaching Clinic for a one-day or weekend workshop, there are many other workshop topics to consider.

The following topics can fill a full One-Day or Weekend Workshop:

  • Overcoming the fear of a cappella singing (balance, blend and intonation)
  • Reading music is as easy as 1-2-3
  • Voice Building 101

The following topics are shorter and can be combined to build the type of workshop you want for your group:

  • Developing "Diaphragmatic Breathing" and managing the "Singer's Breath"
  • Sound integrity through "Vowel Migration"
  • Improving "Intonation"
  • Strengthening the voice through the "Warm Up"
  • Overcoming vocal problems (managing vibrato, throat tension, breath problems)
  • Basic care of the voice

Contact us to schedule your SingIsrael One-Day or Weekend Choir Workshop.

What does it cost?

The cost depends on two factors:

  • Does your group want a solo or joint workshop? You can choose to have either Alex or Patrick come to your workshop alone (a solo workshop) or you can have both of us come (a joint workshop), which will cost a little more.
  • Where is your group located? In addition to the session cost, there is a cost for the time and expense that it takes for us to reach you. If you work near us, this cost is lower than if you work far away.

After we've had a chance to talk over your needs, we will provide a detailed proposal outlining all the costs and expenses. To discuss your needs, please contact us.

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