Choral Coaching

Answers to the four most often asked questions about Choral Coaching:

What's the difference between Coaching and Teaching?

Coaching is helping a group to improve its performing ability at the group's current ability level. In other words, in Coaching a group, we focus solely on "polishing" the performance, not on working to improve individual skills. Certainly, we will point out problem areas and offer a suggestion on how to improve or eliminate the problem, but we do not stress learning new skills. Teaching, on the other hand, focuses on teaching the fundamentals of good singing and performing skills. If you feel your group needs help with the fundamentals, we suggest you visit our Teaching page. Otherwise, continue reading for more information on Coaching.

It is also important to note that SingIsrael is not a replacement for your conductor. We are the "outside eyes and ears" of your conductor and we work closely with your conductor, to insure that each session we spend with you focuses on reinforcing the skills necessary for a great performance.

Why should our group consider choral coaching?

If your group has a good grasp of the fundamentals of quality singing and performing, choral coaching is the next logical step in improving and enhancing your performance ability. When your group is coached, we focus on the overall concepts of musicianship, performance ability, and the delivery of a successful and highly entertaining performance. As the "outside" eyes and ears, we always see and hear different things than does your conductor. Thus, the end result of consistent coaching is the best possible rendition of a song in front of an audience.

How often should our group be coached?

That really depends on the needs of the group. For example, if you are planning to attend an international festival and contest, you might want to schedule 3 or 4 coaching sessions in the months leading up to the event. If you are just looking to stay on top of your game, bringing us in for a "tune up" session once or twice a year may be all you need.

What does it cost?

The cost depends on three factors:

  • How often does your group want to be coached? This is a decision each group must answer for itself. There are many groups around the world that have a coach come in every two to four weeks, and we know of some groups that have a different coach in almost every week. Ideally, a group would look at having one coaching session per month.
  • Does your group want a solo or joint session? You can choose to have either Alex or Patrick come to your session alone (a solo session) or you can have both of us come (a joint session), which will cost a little more.
  • Where is your group located? In addition to the session cost, there is a cost for the time and expense that it takes for us to reach you. If you work near us, this cost is lower than if you work far away.

After we've had a chance to talk over your needs, we will provide a detailed proposal outlining all the costs and expenses. To discuss your needs, please contact us.

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