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After living abroad for nearly 15 years, Patrick has had to return to America to take care of a family emergency. His heart remains in Israel, however, and he looks forward to returning when the emergency has been resolved. We know you join us in wishing him well. For the foreseeable future, however, he will only be available for video consultations. Please Contact us for more information on what services are available.

Alex Eshed and Patrick Kelly met when Alex invited Patrick to come coach his choirs in June 2003. Patrick accepted the invitation, and made two additional coaching trips to Israel before the year was out.

During Patrick's second visit in September, Alex jokingly suggested Patrick should consider moving to Israel and that the two of them should set up in business together. During Patrick's final visit in November and December, the two men made the decision to explore ways of launching such a business.

Throughout the early part of 2004, Alex and Patrick worked on developing their business plan, and SingIsrael launched for business in October 2004. Today, nearly 250 choirs and singing groups have been helped! Given this great success, we feel confident in saying that choral singing in Israel is definitely undergoing a remarkable uplift.

Here is a brief biography on both Alex and Patrick:

  Alex Eshed

By profession Alex Eshed is a GIS expert – that branch of computer lore dealing with databases and maps. Born in India to German parents, he has lived in Israel since the age of eight.

In his youth he studied violin, piano and singing, and soon came to that crossroad in life that many of us face … whether to follow a musical career or to make a living! He chose the latter, though never leaving off his musical activities. He sang in several classical choirs, including the Philharmonic, Rinat, Cameran, and the Ramat Gan Chamber Choir.

Discovering barbershop harmony in the mid-1980s, he became fascinated with a cappella singing in general and barbershop in particular. It was a refreshing, new approach to the non-classical (though artistic nevertheless) side of music through a cappella singing which, unfortunately, had very little following in Israel.

After a couple of unsuccessful years hunting for suitable singing groups, his luck changed when he met up with the Jerusalem Barbershop Ensemble (JBE). He joined, and soon after became their musical director.

The bug had bitten and the seeds were sown. Three more choral groups followed – all established and directed by Alex (in his spare time), and all singing exclusively a cappella. In chronological sequence, they are:

An all-male a cappella chorus, 12 Tones sings mainly barbershop music. The chorus is never satisfied with the number of singers it has, and is constantly recruiting. It began as a barbershop quartet (imaginatively named TTBB), and is today the leading male choir in Israel, having won first place in the Sulam Mila grading for two consecutive years. Alex and 12 Tones also took fourth place in the Irish International Barbershop Chorus Contest held in Dublin, Ireland, in October 2003.

Barberina is an all-female a cappella chorus singing mainly barbershop music. Like 12 Tones, the chorus currently is also constantly recruiting. The group is now renewing its round of performances after a hiatus due to the addition of several new singers.

A vocal a cappella jazz sextet comprising three women and three men, Six Appeal was the youngest of Alex's groups. Sadly, it is now defunct. Six Appeal was honored to be invited to the Irish Association of Barbershop Singers (IABS) convention as guest artists, where it was very warmly welcomed.

While preparing for the 12 Tones' appearance at the IABS convention, Alex contacted Patrick Kelly and invited him to coach 12 Tones. Patrick accepted, and the Israeli choral music scene has been irreversibly changed! As a result of Patrick's visits in 2003, he and Alex decided to found SingIsrael in order to bring to the song-loving Israeli public the wealth of knowledge and techniques, hitherto unknown, which would leapfrog any choral group into instant higher levels of performance. The system used is "Choral Coaching," devised, introduced and led by Patrick.

Alex is now devoting his entire time to SingIsrael. He and Patrick work closely with MILA (the Israeli Center for Choirs and Singing Groups, founded by Doron Shenkar and chaired by Ron Gang).

  Patrick Kelly

Patrick is a Life Member of the Barbershop Harmony Society (BHS) and of the Irish Association of Barbershop Singers (IABS). An accomplished vocalist and performer, Patrick studied voice for more than 15 years, has been a singer and performer for more than 40 years, and an arranger and a chorus director/choir conductor and choral coach for over 30 years.

Patrick's special musical love is the American a cappella (unaccompanied) style of singing called Barbershop Harmony, specifically singing in barbershop quartets (just 4 singers). Since 1989, he has won five barbershop quartet championships; one at the regional level, two at the national level, and two at the international/invitational level - singing three different voice parts!

Patrick's honors include being named Chapter Barbershopper of the Year by his hometown chorus in 1984, and both District Coach of the Year (1989) and District Barbershopper of the Year (1990) by the Johnny Appleseed District (BHS), comprising the states of Ohio, West Virginia and western Pennsylvania. He was also awarded Honorary Life Membership in the Irish Association of Barbershop Singers for his role in establishing the IABS Harmony College in the mid-1990s.

Patrick moved his educational services business to Europe in early 2001, and is now working with SingIsrael to bring educational and coaching services to amateur singers and singing groups in Israel. In addition to coaching other groups, Patrick is the conductor of Koleynu, a mixed-voice a cappella chorus based in Ra'anana, and he sings bass in Chutzpah!, "Israel's best a cappella quartet," and baritone and bass in the vocal jazz sextet Sixpack.

Contact us for more information about what Patrick does.

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