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There is no doubt about it: Israelis love to sing! It is estimated there are more than 800 amateur choirs and singing groups in Israel, a truly amazing number for such a small country. Yet for all our love of singing, until the launch of SingIsrael in 2004, Israel did not have a good resource to help our choirs and singing groups reach their full potential.

Is your choir or singing group looking to compete and perform at the international festival level? If so, call SingIsrael! Through our advanced work in both vocal and performing skills, we'll help you reach a higher performance level than you ever dreamed possible. Yes, it will take a lot of work and lot of practice, but the rewards of an outstanding rating, and the national and international acclaim to come with such a rating, will make all the work seem worthwhile. And yes, it's all about the music!

You say you're not a competitive group, just want to be the best you can be in your home area? If so, call SingIsrael! After all, we know that some of the best thrills for a singer are when you make your home audiences say, "Wow!" Learning vocal and performing skills tailored to your needs and goals will help you achieve higher performance levels, and will assure you rave reviews from friends, family, and local audiences alike.

Whatever the need, SingIsrael can help. We invite you to join the nearly 250 choirs and singing groups across Israel that have joined the SingIsrael family since October 2004. Our professional expertise is surprisingly affordable, and we have many discount plans available for choirs and singing groups of all sizes.

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